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At your teacher's h​ome EVERY MEAL TIME, EVERY CAR JOURNEY and EVERY LEISURE ACTIVITY is an opportunity to IMPROVE ENGLISH language skills.

We are an Irish family, Donal and Janet Hughes and daughter Aisling who provide Homestays and Residential English Language Courses at our homes in Co Mayo.  

Learning English at your teacher's home ensures that you really can have a genuine total immersion experience. The Homestay experience we provide is unique. In addition to accommodation and meals we also include all our guests in our many and varied daily outdoor and cultural pursuits. It's a genuine family experience.

We also offer an English Language Programme, on site, which has been carefully designed to maximise the potential of each student.

Learning English as part of a small group of motivated people is a rewarding and enriching experience. Gain the confidence to speak, only in English, throughout your stay, even with your friends and family.

Our aim is to create a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and to ensure that all our students speak in English at all times.

We have devised various methods that increase confidence to make this possible.
We are here to guide and assist.

We welcome students of all ages, including family groups.   

Our English Language courses are conducted by certified TEFL and TESOL teachers ( all family members). 

Courses are available for all levels. Beginner to Advanced. 

Individual learning requirements can be catered for.

All leisure  time will be spent in the company of our family.  We have a wide range of outdoor and cultural interests that we enjoy sharing with our guests. Suitable for all ages. 

Our groups are limited to 8-10 students. You can choose arrival and departure dates that suit you! We are very flexible!